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Meet Dr. Phyllis Fuller, Th.D

Dr. Phyllis Fuller is the founding Apostle of Kingdom Dominion Training Network (KDTN), SOAR School of Ministry and The Gathering for Ambassadors of Jesus Christ based in Houston, Texas.  She holds a Doctor of Theology Th.D., BarnHam Graduate School and Seminary and a Masters of Art (M.A.) in Christian Counseling, American Institute for Christian Education. 

A Consecrated, Anointed, Ordained and Commissioned Apostle.  An Apostolic Leader who Passionately Preaches, Teaches and Counsels the Word of God with a Holy Boldness. She is Gifted in Training Apostolic People. Her Spontaneous Flow of Wisdom with Fire and Wit Reaches the Hearts of  all People to Bring Forth a Righteous Change for the Glory of God.  First ordination to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ December 6, 1992.  Commissioned to the Office of the Apostle May 12, 2011.

Kingdom Dominion Training Network

A Synergy of Authentic Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers sharpening one another, equipping the saints for the work of the Ministry of Jesus Christ.
Affirming, commissioning, and ordaining to Kingdom of God calls,  assignments and positions when authorized and sanction by Yahweh Father God.

Kingdom Dominion Training Network offers:

  • SOAR School of Ministry

  • Ministry Training and Development and Personal Integrity

  • Prophetic Internship

  • Understand the Call and Ministry Anointing of the Five-Fold: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers

  • How to serve on an Apostolic Team

  • Apostolic Alignment for your Call and Assignment

  • Understanding the Ministry of Helps in the Church

  • Identifying and Recognizing your Kingdom Identify, Call and Assignments

  • Deliverance Ministry Training

  • Spiritual Warfare Training

  • Christ-Centred Personal Character Development

Apostle Phyllis Fuller
Commissioning Service May 12, 2011
by Apostle Barbara Wentroble
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Our Vision

To Provide Apostolic Alignment for:

  • Apostles

  • Prophets

  • Layman

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Envangelists

  • Marketplace Leaders

  • Pastors

  • Teachers

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Interested in Joining

Kingdom Dominion Training Network

Apostolic Authority to Equip and Empower Authentic Ambassadorial People for Kingdom Assignments. A relational and partnering alliance of Kingdom Networks and Apostolic Prophetic Leaders connected through apostolic alignment.
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