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SOAR School of Ministry

Teaching what Jesus taught. Training like Jesus trained.

Soldiers On Active Regiment to Rise Suddenly Above Normal Level​

Soldier - An enlisted person who serves in an army; an active, loyal and militant follower; to serve as a soldier​.

On - Position upon and in contact with; in the direction of; forward; in a continuous course; in or into operation or performance.

Active - in action; moving; capable of functioning; causing action or change; participating; expressing action rather than a state of being.

Regiment - a military unit on ground or airborne troops composed of at least 2 battalions; to put into systematic order; to impose strict uniformity and discipline upon.

SOAR Sessions Include:

  • In The Beginning

  • The Kingdom of God

  • Authority of the Believers

  • The Government of God

  • Kingdom Dominion

  • The Five-Fold Ministry

    • Apostle​

      • Apostolic People​

    • Prophets

      • Prophetic People​

    • Evangelist

      • Evangelism​

    • Pastor

      • Pastoral and Governing Elders​

    • Teacher

      • Teaching and Governing Elders

  • Kingdom of God Protocol

  • Identifying Your Assignment

  • Acts of Prayer

  • Acts of Warfare

  • Acts of Worship

  • Acts of Intercession

  • Apostolic Teams and Networks

  • So much more!!​​


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